Protecting your IP seminar at UKFT

Protecting your Intellectual Property - a practical guide

Wednesday 4 November 2015, 4pm – 6.00pm

3 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London    WC1N 3AR


Your designs, Your ideas, Your brand

The essential components of your business and your Intellectual Property but how can you protect them at home and abroad?

Keltie is one of the UK’s leading firms of trademark and patent attorneys (with plenty of industry experience) and will examine common misconceptions about IP protection and arm you with the up-to-date information you need to protect your product and your brand. Grant funding is available to help with certain parts of the process and we will look at the thorny problem of protecting yourself in China as well.

If you think…

  • It’s too expensive and complicated to register designs and protect my brand name
  • I’ve  got domain names – so my trademark is registered too!
  • I trade under my personal name – I don’t need to protect that
  • I’m unlikely to sell in China, I don’t need to worry about registering a trademark there

…then you really need to attend this seminar to hear Azhar Sadique and associates address these misconceptions, outlining how to use the law to your advantage and what to do before things go wrong. Afterwards, have a drink with the speakers, the UKFT team and your fellow guests.

Ticket price:       £35 (excl VAT)   Members      £70 (excl VAT)   Non-Members

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