NIGEL LUGG - Group Chairman, Prominent Europe & Quantum

Nigel Lugg is Group Chairman of the Prominent Europe and Quantum businesses - both specialise in clothing supply. Prominent serves a broad client base offering men's shirts, suits, womenswear and casualwear to retailers across Europe. from its manufacturing base across Asia. The Group manufactures in excess of 100 million garments each year. It also owns the Chester Barrie brand and holds the menswear license for Richard James Mayfair. Quantum has a significant business manufacturing shirts, lingerie, hosiery and intimates for Marks and Spencer.

Originally a buyer at Liberty and then House of Fraser, Nigel moved onto the supply side of the industry in the mid-80s when he became European CEO of Warnaco. Then in 1992 he became a founding partner of Prominent Europe, setting up the business in conjunction with the Itochu Corporation.

Nigel became CEO in 2002; at the same time as Itochu took full control of the company. He has overseen the company's development from shirt specialist to the broader role it has now.